Albion Michigan B&B Helps, Kalamazoo River Oil Spill July 2010

Albion Heritage Bed and Breakfast, an Albion Michigan B&B did what they could during the  Kalamazoo River oil spill at Marshall Michigan back in July 2010 where over 800,000 gallons of oil spilled is going down as one of, if not the worst environmental disaster in the Midwest’s history.

A state of emergency was declared in Michigan’s southwest Kalamazoo County as the oil spill made its way down the Kalamazoo River.  The Michigan oil spill was discovered on Monday July 26 at 9:30AM after the pipeline, Canadian owned Enbridge Energy, sprung a leak in Marshall Township, MI.  After the leak was discovered the pipeline was shut down when its isolation valves were closed off, according to officials at Enbridge Inc.

Just 12 miles west of where the pipeline ruptured, Albion Heritage Bed and Breakfast was one of the bed and breakfast that was there to offer lodging to the many employees of the Enbridge Energy, the EPA, investigators and the many wonderful people who volunteered to help with the oil spill cleanup efforts.

“All of these people were in need of places to stay, some had traveled many miles,” the innkeepers said.  Though the busiest time is the Fall for Albion Heritage B&B, this year their business was up by almost one third with many weeks in August at full capacity of the B&B.

Of all the guests they talked with, one in particular from the EPA said this disaster should have been reported as a story about success since there was no loss of human life, the Michigan oil spill was quickly contained to just 30 miles and the cleanup efforts of the Kalamazoo River may just make the river significantly much more free of pollution, something that had not occurred in decades.

The immediate result to the lodging industry within 30 miles of the oil spill was a boom in their business, with most facilities seeing a huge profit with increased rates during that time from supply and demand, the Albion House B&B actually reduced their rates and welcomed many guests who were planning on staying long term because of the convenient location of the inn in relation to the area of the spill.

Bed & Breakfasts are a great alternative to the “cookie cutter” hotel chains when it comes to convenience and comfort.  As you make your travel plans to Southern Michigan region, consider one of our many fine Southern Michigan Bed and Breakfast for your lodging needs.

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  1. Folks just think that there are unlimited lodging opportunities wherever they go. This is just not so in rural America. B&Bs in cities, small towns, and out in the country are often the most convenient place to stay, but are often overlooked, more often than not because to stay at a B&B was never even a consideration. Innkeepers have more of a willingness to negotiate a weekly or long term rate than any other lodging facility and generally have more time and inside information to discuss local matters. B&Bs are beginning to promote a "better way to stay" campaign to educate travelers on the benefits of choosing a B&B.

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