Innsitters at Michigan Bed and Breakfasts on Vacation

Trained Innsitters provide the support Michigan Bed and Breakfast owners need when they leave for vacation and a much needed break.  Most bed and breakfasts operate 24/7/365 and when it comes to the owners entrusting their livelihood in someone else’s hands, that person needs to be honest, trustworthy and capable of handling the hard work of running an inn with little to no supervision.

Innsitters are an interim innkeeper who travel from inn to inn as a need arises for the owners to take some time off.  It is important for an Innsitter to have a background that is hospitality oriented and must also have domestic, professional and technical experience.  Many Innsitters are retired innkeepers themselves and just wanted to get out of the full time gig to do it at leisure.  Others get involved in training classes or workshops through an Innkeepers association.

As an Innsitter, they will take on the full responsibilities of the owner and instantly become the front desk clerk, head chef, host, waiter, concierge, bellhop, cleaning service, maintenance company, grounds-keeper, accountant, webmaster and business marketer. Filling this position is not an easy task and would be very difficult if it weren’t for people who have been trained as an Innsitter.

Here is some information about one such team of Sue and Anne at Two Hearts Innsitting.  Sue who is based in Michigan and Anne from Maryland are headed to Charleston, SC  to attend the annual Professional Association of Innkeepers International (P.A.I.I.) B&B conference where they are giving a presentation to any Innkeepers, or aspiring inn-sitters, about their responsibilities and training as professional Inn-sitters.  You may also wish to speak with them about your needs for a holiday from your B&B.

Lori & Mike Venturini at Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, MI, try to get away at least once a year. Sometimes it’s just for a few days, other times it’s a whole week, soon it will be for 2 full weeks. They entrust their home business to experienced friends and professional Innsitters. Barb and Kent completed their Innsitting course several years ago and needed to intern at a real B&B in order to pass the class.  Carl & Julie were regular partners in the semi-annual cooking parties that are held at the Munro House. They already knew the layout of the kitchen and the floor plan of the entire house.  Julie also happened to be the “on-call” masseuse for the full service spa and Carl is the handyman who has regular work scheduled at the Munro House. They like to fill in because they think innsitting is “fun”.  A short course in the technical aspect of the business and they soon became expert experienced Innsitters.

Innkeepers of Southern Michigan Inns

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