Beekeepers, Innkeepers, and Honey

The hardworking bees & beekeepers of summer have done their work and as the weather turns cold, the cycle continues in Michigan. Now, it’s time to think about ways to use all that Michigan honey! 
The G&N Honey Farm is located in Concord, Michigan, and produces hundreds of pounds of honey each season. Guests of the Palmer House, an Albion Michigan Bed and Breakfast located just a few minutes from Concord, will get an opportunity to not only learn about keeping bees, but can also try a delicious dish made with delightful sweet treats during breakfast.  Nellie is a beekeeper and hostess at the inn.  People who have tried her G&N Honey say that the taste difference between raw honey and generic pasteurized grocery store honey is immediately obvious.
The local honey is full of different floral flavors, beautiful on the tongue, and a pleasure to eat plain or mix with any favorite recipe.  Honey, nature’s original sweetener, is being rediscovered as a natural source of energy that also offers a unique combination of nutritional benefits. In addition to being a concentrated energy source, Honey contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. For a quick source of energy and to reap the benefits of Honey’s healthful properties, make honey part of your daily diet along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Use Honey to sweeten your oatmeal or drizzle it over a grapefruit half. Add honey and fresh fruit to low-fat yogurt for an energy-sustaining snack or stir a spoonful of honey into a glass of water before your daily workout.  Our Michigan Honey can be used in place of sugar for cooking, toppings in tea, coffee, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, ice cream and much more.

Innkeepers of Southern Michigan Inns

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