Travel rewards for business travel at Southern Michigan Inns

Travel rewards for business travel to a Southern Michigan Inn come in many forms.  Some offer the serenity of a quiet and peaceful setting, some have in-room guests amenities for the weary traveler who hasn’t been home in days and some offer discounted rates that can be up to half off the inns standard nightly rate.  Here are a few examples of what these Southern Michigan Inns have to offer their special corporate guests.

The Munro House, a Jonesville Inn, has captured many corporate travelers in Jonesville who are visiting local businesses, offices, and manufacturing facilities in Jonesville, Hillsdale, and Litchfield. The Munro House is the closest and most deluxe of local lodging facilities in Hillsdale County. Their weekday corporate rates are up to half off of their weekend standard rates and include breakfast, snacks, soft drinks, and free high speed wireless Internet. Their convenient location offers 10 restaurants within a mile ranging from fast food to fine dining. Some guests have been coming for annual business trips for years, some have only recently discovered this better way to stay, and some long term guests have negotiated special long term rates.
Quigley’s Log Home B & B, a Hudson Michigan Bed and Breakfast, offers their ‘Better Way to Stay’ for corporate business travelers.  This ‘Home Away from Home’ offers your own private area with stone fireplace, satellite TV, amenities and conference room.  Follow this link to the Quigley Log Home B&B for more information about this inn.
The Dewey Lake Manor offers Brooklyn Michigan lodging and has many business travelers who already prefer their Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn over other lodging choices. Innkeepers Joe & Barb Phillips have a business man who stays there and brings his bicycle to ride the scenic back roads after going for a swim in the lake. In the winter he cross country skis and then comes in and warms up with cookies and tea or cocoa. He has stayed there every week on business for years and has made the Dewey Lake Manor his home away from home.  One can stop and ponder this question, ‘Could he do this at a hotel?’
Business travelers could drive 30 miles to get to the hotel that offers points for staying there. The back and forth travel time could add over an hour to an already long day. The corporate guest who chooses a local bed and breakfast gets their bonus points up front as many inns offer additional amenities for which many hotels and motels charge extra.  Most inns offer free wireless Internet, free parking, free snacks, free beverages, free breakfast, and of course, someone to talk to and share your experience with. Most inns also take credit cards and provide a secure location along with pleasant conversation which can be especially attractive for women traveling alone.

Innkeepers of Southern Michigan Inns

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